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We understand that managing your study time can be tough when you’re learning online. Unlike studying on-campus, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule. Which is a huge challenge! For this reason we are giving you some direction on how to set priorities and keep your studies on schedule.

Step 1. Keep a calendar

  1. Keep track of deadlines for both personal and learning moments.
  2. Follow your schedule strictly.
  3. Allow for recreational time so that you don’t burn out.
  4. Always remember that time set aside for schoolwork should not be changed.

Step 2. Separate your assignments into smaller pieces

  1. Read through your materials and take notes
  2. Make a plan on what to do first, second etc.
  3. Edit everything you write!!

Step 3. Decide which hours you’ll set aside for studying each week

Before you make your schedule decide the following:

  1. Do you have a weekend job or family commitments?
  2. When are you the most focused?
  3. Does your schedule interfere with other commitments.
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