Our Vision is to provide a quality, effective and applicable education that promotes entrepreneurial thinking throughout the world.


Through the canvassing of successful entrepreneurs, our courses will always deliver the most time-proven techniques that engage the student in becoming life-long learners. Using current technology resources, creative business minds, and experience-based courses, AET Institute will provide quality business acumen courses to its students.


American Education Training Institute (AET Institute) was created to meet the educational demands of business owners. The idea for this innovative school was conceptualized by Dr. Jose Otero, an entrepreneur who’s 30 plus years in the business of education afforded him insights into why certain businesses fail and some succeed.

As he commented on many occasions, “knowing the business doesn’t mean you know how to run the business”.

His observation of hundreds of business models both national and international led him to understand that business owners are in very different places in their abilities, and all too often do not have the proper training to develop their instincts for business. Every Consultant, CPA, and Attorney knows most businesses fail by poor handling of Finances, Time, and Quality.

AET Institute has courses specifically designed to teach the student how to perform certain business tasks with successful outcomes. Many of the techniques are applicable to all types of businesses from Education, Technology, Fashion, and Retail. Simply put, for anyone who wants to run a business the smart way without having to attend classes for years.

The big secret is out! universities like Harvard, Yale and MIT have always understood that the secret to a successful business, is knowing the proper “Business Acumen”. This means you learn exactly what you need without any “Fluff” courses.

We strive to get you trained, savvy, and operating your successful business as quickly as possible. Our courses are developed using state of the art technology and created by industry experts with advanced degrees. The content is hand-picked by Dr. Otero and meets his strict guidelines of Quality, Applicability, and Effective Business Technique.


“Preparing Tomorrows Business Leaders”